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Client: Baltimore National Heritage Area
Map art: Bob Cronan, Lucidity Information Design

We worked closely with the Baltimore National Heritage Area, and Bob Cronan of Lucidity Information Design to plan, develop, design and produce the War of 1812 in the Baltimore Region Land & Water Guide. The Map and Guide tells the story about the War of 1812 in Baltimore through beautiful maps of both Baltimore City and Baltimore County created by Bob Cronan, information about historical sites and battles, illustrations, and a historical timeline.

We have been working with Karen Klinedinst of Klinedinst Design for over five years. They are a pleasure to work with and have always been able to negotiate the craziness our organization has thrown at them. The clean, clear and modern aesthetic of the visual identity that they developed for the National Heritage Area has been instrumental in branding the Heritage Area that we have transformed over the past five years.” —Jason Vaughan, Baltimore National Heritage Area