Client: Roadnet Technologies, Inc.
Brand Strategist: Kat Jamieson
Content Strategist: David Beaudouin

A Re-Brand Emerges

Roadnet Technologies Inc. (RTI) was already a successful transport logistics software company when it was purchased by UPS and renamed UPS Logistics Technologies. After seven years, the company left UPS to re-establish itself as an individual entity under its former name. While accepted as an industry leader in fleet management solutions, the company needed to reposition its identity for international growth while retaining existing brand equity and strong market share.

Building On Shared Values

RTI engaged Klinedinst Design to revitalize and re-introduce their brand. Our research identified a perfect match between top priorities and values shared by the company and its very loyal customer base: longevity, experience and reliability. In addition, we identified a formula of Operational Intelligence that NLC is using to communicate their unique product benefits in four key areas of their fleet market: business profitability, employee productivity, resource efficiency and operational safety.

Delivering High ROI

Through the creation of a new brand platform, embodied by the new How to Deliver tag line and supporting brand identity system, RTI is expanding both customer awareness and marketing reach. Known for getting high marks on ROI with continuous product improvement based on customer feedback, RTI is better positioned than ever to keep its brand promise: helping customers deliver.

Working with Klinedinst Design on our re-branding project in 2011 was an amazing experience. To this day, I still feel that I was almost able to pick individuals to make up my “dream team” for re-branding a company. We had a very formidable task in front of us—re-branding a company that was a carve out of a Fortune 500 company. While our product name had strong brand recognition, creating our own visual identity and core values separate from what we were known as for so long was difficult, but we had good stewards with Klinedinst Design. Their process was clearly defined with deliverables executed on time and within budget. I appreciated that the principals all had a stake in our success with the brand. To this date, we still get compliments on our new identity, core tenants and overall branding.” —Cyndi Brandt, Roadnet Technologies